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Akshul Goyal
2 min readJan 31, 2020


Episode 1 —

What is a Rubber Ducky?

Season 4 Episode 10 “410 Gone”

Through this series of posts, I will try to decode one hacking incident that was depicted in Mr. Robot final season.

[Spoiler Alert]

In the final season’s episode 10 titled “410 Gone”, Elliot did some hacking using a Rubber Ducky.

A Rubber Ducky is a tool that can be directly plugged in to your system as a USB device. It can then be used either to emulate as a keyboard to automate set of commands or to monitor what you type while using your system.

But you have to physically plug it in the system yourself for it to work unlike all other malwares, ransomware, etc

The picture above is from a scene in episode 10 of season 4, where Elliot is holding this USB device which he will use later as a Rubber Ducky.

As an Embedded Systems Engineer I get fascinated by any piece of hardware so easily that as soon as I saw something new I have a tendency to Google it and keep searching until I found it. So, when I was watching this episode I paused it at this scene and closely inspected it for any names on silkscreen of the board. And there was written Digispark right near the USB copper patches are located in the board. So then I started exploring Rubber Ducky and how to implement it using this board.

Throughout this series I will try to implement different hacking methods and try to decode this Rubber Ducky hacking technique that was depicted in the show.

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